Labor Relations

Our firm prides itself on its efficient and cost-effective representation of labor unions. We are active during the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, handle matters under the National Labor Relations Act, in front of the NYS Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and numerous other local, state and federal agencies to assure our clients they are acting within, and taking full advantage, of the law. We choose to work hand-in-hand with our clients, contacting and consulting with them to help determine the best avenues to pursue. Our goal is to obtain reach the best possible result while reducing costs to our clients. Lerner Law Firm & Associates, P.C. is adept filing grievances under procedures outlined in collective bargaining agreements, and defending our union clients against the various allegations that may arise. Furthermore, we are leaders in the field in handling cases that are brought under alternative dispute resolution forms, such as arbitrations and mediations.

Often, Lerner Law Firm & Associates, P.C. also handles our union clients’ employee benefit funds including, pension plans, welfare benefit plans, multi-employer ERISA funds and fringe benefit plans. We have a full understanding the Internal Revenue Code, day-to-day operations of fund plans and advise fund trustees about the decisions they will have to make. Our guidance will help facilitate the operation of current plans, or the establishment of new plans, to the benefit of members and the staff. The laws of this area or increasingly complex and ever changing. For further insight please see our ERISA law blog which is updated regularly for the most up to date issues, decisions and interpretation. Having knowledgeable and experienced counsel for your fund administration is necessary to ensure long-term viability, stability and growth into the future.